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Photo Album Box

  • Album USB Box with Handle
  • Album USB Box with Handle
Album USB Box with HandleAlbum USB Box with Handle

Album USB Box with Handle

  • Material:linen,cotton
  • Closure Style: Magnet Closure
  • Size: Most size available
  • Most color is available
  • Product description: Handle Photo Album USB Flash Drive Box for Wedding with USB stick can be made of linen,cotton and other fabric,ribbon closure way,you can custom the size,you can print your logo;most of color is avail


Handle Photo Album USB Flash Drive Box for Wedding with USB Flash Drive compartment;
Item: Album USB Box for Wedding

A. Model: PAP-1UAM
B. Material: Linen,it can be linen,velvet,cotton and other material

C. Closure Style: Magnet closure
D. Capacity: It can hold albums and USB stick. (We can offer any kind of USB if need)
E. The photo album cover is plain,we can print your logo;
F. The logo can be stamp foil logo and screen-printing logo;
G. You can custom the size,depth,outward appearance and material;
H. Most of color is available,if you need,we can search the almost same color in the market;
I. Package: PP bag,then in carton
A. If custom size products,we need to make lots of tool,you will pay the tool charge;
B. The product can be printed your LOGO or other pattern,generally those logo is available: Embossed logo,screen printing logo and gilding logo;Please see the logo photos at Logo Style;
C. Any design to this kind of box is acceptable
We accept OEM and ODM, welcome your private design, we will offer our best price and counter sample to for your approval within the shortest time.
How to order,please see the FAQ


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