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About us


Dongguan Adime Crafts & Gifts Factory concentrates on production,R&D and marketing,as a professional chinese manufacturer,we offer professional and perfect products with following services:

1. We accept OEM,manufacture strictly according to your own design;
2. We accept ODM,we can help you to design and manufacture the product according to your idea;
3. We accept customized products based on our existing products,add some function or improve some function;
4. We accept the product with your LOGO,even company name and contact;
5. We accept mixed orders,including model,color and other category;
6. We can help you to test your new designed product;
7. We not only accept finished products but also semi-finished products,even provide you raw material for your manufacture;

Hope we can work together!

Company Name:

Shenzhen Mingren Crafts & Gifts Co.,Ltd

Office Address:
6/F,Building 5,Yihehuayuan,Baoan District 27,Shenzhen,China

Factory Name:

Dongguan Adime Crafts & Gifts Factory

Factory Address:
No.28,Jianglong 1st Ln. Sanjiang Vil. Nance,Humen,Dongguan


Contact: Sam Qu

Phone: 008675586211801

Tel: 008675586211801


Add: 5/F,No.56,Xihu Road,ShaJiao,Humen,Dongguan,China

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